Can Nootropics Benefit Gamers?

The research into gaming “experience” is still ongoing, and we simply don’t fully understand what a gamer is going through during intense competitive or casual play form a physiological point of view. There is however, little debate that professional gamers undergo an extreme amount of psychological and physiological stress during intense competition. Recent research supports this notion and suggests that eSport athletes, although not traditional, and at different levels, are still athletes from a mental and physical standpoint. This also suggests that even casual gamers undergo mild to moderate “total body” stress.

So, how can professional eSport athletes, aspiring professional gamers, and even casual gamers benefit from various interventions to take their game to the next level? Can supplements, specifically nootropics, or safe brain enhancing substances, benefit gamers in the short- and long-term?

The answer is still out there, however, if you break down the individual cognitive processes that gamers must utilize, and ultimately optimize to achieve success, you can still get a good idea as to what supplements may benefit them. We will also discuss what ingredients in Nureltro® have been shown to improve these different metrics in humans. All of the substances in this article and in Nureltro® for that matter are natural, found in different foods, and legal.

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